Seed to Stable


We source our forage through a network of contract growers situated near the plant. The crops are inspected by 3rd party agronomists throughout the growing season to ensure the quality and safety of the forage.


We closely monitor our harvesting window to achieve the low protein, high fiber profile in our forage. Additionally, by harvesting in the post bloom stage, there are many benefits to the grower and the environment. Some benefits include higher yields, improved soil fertility, and higher crop volume.


Using our state of the art processing plant, the forage is ground, blended, cubed, dried and cooled before it is packaged into bags. During the process, the cells of the forage are opened which provides more digestible energy per pound of forage. Product quality is monitored throughout the packaging process. Each bag of cubes is coded to allow traceability back to the field.

Quality Assurance


Members of the Ontario Equestrian place orders through our website from the comfort of their homes. The orders are reviewed, processed and scheduled for delivery by the MAAAX™ team.


MAAAX™ Equine Feed is delivered directly to your stable using one of our MAAAX™ delivery trailers or can be picked up at one of our many depots located in Ontario.