About Us

The Ontario Forage Processor Inc. (“OFP”) operates the sun-cured cubing plant and is a leader in the production of sun-cured forage products. In the new facility in Durham, the plant can operate year round and can produce up to 190,000MT of alfalfa products annually.

The most important feed for a healthy horse diet is as simple as a daily portion of dust free forage and fresh water. The Ontario Forage Processor Inc. (“OFP”) is excited to offer their forage cube products, MAAAX Equine Feed in Ontario and exclusively to members of Ontario Equestrian (OE).

The OE represents more than 22,000 individual members who come from all sectors of the horse industry. It provides a variety of benefits and services to professionals, amateurs, competitors, recreational enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines or simply those who love horses. The OE is committed to horse welfare and providing leadership and support to the individuals, associations, and industries in Ontario’s horse community.

Mission Statement

  1. To process and sell high quality alfalfa timothy based products for the North American equine markets with constant research and new product development
  2. To source the raw material through a sophisticated Growing Contract arrangement from local farmers
  3. To inspect and monitor the farmers’ fields by professional agronomists, ‘CROPCO’ certified, in order to guarantee the growing contract results in the highest quality raw material