MAAAX™ Equine Feed LONGfibe™ “Alfalfa-Timothy” Forage Cubes Seed to Stable™ Transparency by The Ontario Forage Processor™

KINCARDINE, ON–(Marketwired – March 31, 2015) – Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. (The Ontario Forage Processor™) previously entered into a strategic alliance with the Ontario Equestrian Federation (“OEF”) to provide its members with LONGfibe™ Alfalfa-Timothy Forage Cubes. The specially developed LONGfibe™ Alfalfa-Timothy Cubes are virtually dust free and known as a ‘direct hay replacer‘. The high quality LONGfibe™ forage products are based on the Ontario Forage Processor™ trademarked Seed to Stable™ system with quality assurance from Seed to Stable™, it consists of the following three phases:

  1. Contract Growing – by highly qualified cash crop farmers as growers on highly productive farmland.
  2. Processing – by The Ontario Forage Processor™ unique and sophisticated forage operation.
  3. Direct Distribution – by the Ontario Forage Processor™ delivery fleet under MAAAX™ Equine Feed.

The Ontario Forage Processor™ is the only forage processor using iTrackAgra™ for its Seed to Stable™ quality assurance system. Any OEF member in good standing is able to order through the e-order platform, the LONGfibe™ Alfalfa-Timothy Forage Cubes as a virtually dust free hay replacer and will get the product delivered door to door to the OEF member’s stable.

The Ontario Forage Processor™ has now entered into another strategic alliance, now with ACC (Agricultural Credit Corporation). This allows all growers, farmers and farmland owners to finance alfalfa and alfalfa-timothy crop inputs through ACC.  The Advance Payments Program can be used on an annual basis after November 1st each and every year and after the Ontario Forage Processor™ contract growing arrangement is in place. The financing is meant to be a Seed to Stable™ financing program and can be used by the growers, farmers and farmland owners for up to 18-months before it has to be repaid. The first $100,000 advance payment for individual forage growers is interest free and an additional $300,000 is available at prime rate (currently 2.85%).

The Ontario Forage Processor™ is dedicated to Ontario-grown forage processing for the equine feed industry  using the unique ‘iTrackAgra™ Seed to Stable™‘ controlled process, guaranteeing highest quality, defined as but not limited to dust-free forage feed products and long fiber equine feed forage cubes. Due to the micro climate (natural moisture and humidity) of the Great Lakes Region, Ontario grown forages are one of the best forages in North America.

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